Engineers Without Borders

Welcome to EWB UK!

Are you interested in service and volunteering?  Do you like to learn about different cultures and would you like to travel the world?  If you are, then EWB UK is the right group for you.  If you are not an engineering major, do not be discouraged, we welcome ALL MAJORS!

EWB UK is a student run non-profit organization that partners with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life through sustainable engineering projects that the communities can operate and repair on their own.  UK’s chapter is currently working with community of Lagunas Cuaches, Guatemala to install new water distribution system to supply clean water to the area.

Our Mission:

“To make a positive change in the lives of people living in our country or developing countries in need, to help those that can’t help themselves, because as long as one person is suffering we are all affected”